Month: August 2023

Production Agency Bali, What You Can Expect

Production House or Production Agency in Bali is a company that serves the production of high-quality media/video content in Bali. Many types of video content that you can get from this company, from advertising videos, motion graphics, event documentation, music clips, documentaries, and so on. Artikel kali ini akan membahas apa saja yang bisa kamu dapatkan dari production agency.

The Trend of Production Agencies is Growing

Maybe some of you are already familiar with PH or the production house. The trend of production house or production agency services is increasing for certain reasons. It’s not just because consumers of this service are increasing. The number of creative creators is also another reason why the production house field is increasingly in demand.

This is a company that focuses on content production. Various contents from production houses are created with a combination of audio, text, visuals, and so on. Within the scope of the production house’s work, they need an advertising agency as well.

Because of digital advancement, content creators can more easily manage their content. Coming back to production houses, these companies don’t just create content. They also take care of post-production as well, content distribution, and so on. Your business or company may need a production house for certain reasons.

You can easily find a production agency in Bali, but you need a production house with the best quality so that the results are satisfactory. Not just Jakarta, Bali is also the center of the media industry in Indonesia. With the advancement and popularity of digitalization, there are more and more broadcasting platforms around us.

The level of content production has also increased because of that. We can find more creative agencies now. As many people already know and feel, video content has many advantages when compared to other types of media.

High-quality videos are needed by many parties whether it is for business people, companies, event organizers, or for individual needs.

What Can a Production Agency/House Make?

Some production houses provide various content or video production packages. You can choose which production package can meet your needs. If you use the services of a trusted production house, you can enjoy high-quality video production standards.

You can also decide what kind of video content you want from the production house. Not all types of videos have the same benefits. The following will explain what types of video content you can get from a production house.

– Music Video Clip

To support musical works, music clips are needed. Music clips have various visualization elements and can display song lyrics. But, when making a music clip, it doesn’t necessarily have to match the lyrics. Creativity in the field of music clips is very broad.

But the main purpose of music clips is to attract the attention of fans so that they can enjoy music in video form. Many multimedia platforms provide music clips. Not only as a listening medium, music clips are also able to fulfill the needs of the viewing medium. Production houses can help you create music clips with the best techniques and equipment.

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– Motion Graphics Video

Another type of video that can be created by a production agency or production house is motion graphics. This is a graphic that can move according to certain concepts desired by the client. Motion graphics has various elements, from statistical data to numerical data, and so on.

Many event organizers rely on motion graphics to present information. This type of video can also be a good choice if you want to introduce a product to the audience. Motion graphics have a very dynamic form, and motion graphics are also strong enough to attract people’s attention.

The digital era requires many parties to master video content creation, especially in the scope of social media. Businesses or companies must attract the attention of social media users with a wide variety of content. One type of interesting content is animated video.

Not only in the scope of brands or businesses, official accounts of news channels, state institutions, and others also increasingly rely on animated content. The purpose of using motion graphics videos is to make it easier for audiences to find out or understand information.

If it is only in text form, the information will be harder to understand. Especially if the information is delivered in the form of a very long text. Converting it to a motion graphic format, this step is considered effective for many people. Not only is it shorter, but motion graphics also make everything easier for the audience to understand.

– Video Documentation

What is emphasized in video documentation is the moment. The results of video documentation can be used as a valuable archive for future needs. If we discuss it technically, the making of video documentation will flow. The video documentation will follow the flow of the event.

A videographer needs to record the moments of the event as a whole. Then those moments are repackaged into more interesting video documentation. Video documentation can also be used as part of an event report.

If the event has sponsors, they will usually require an event report. Video documentation makes the event report easier for some parties to understand. Even video documentation can be a means of promotion as well. For those of you who work in the field of event organizers, you can use this video for promotional needs.

Potential customers can see how good your EO services are. In other words, you can use video documentation as a portfolio to support the strength of your business.

– Promotion Video/Advertising Video

From production agency in Bali, you can also create advertising videos. This type of video is packaged to introduce a brand or product. The packaging of advertising videos is very interesting to get more attention. What is expected from this video is that great attention can be converted into product purchase action.

– Profile Video/Company Video

This is a video that introduces the company, it explains what the company does, how it works, operational information, and so on. With a company profile video, it’s easier to explain the details of the company.

– Documentary

You might think that documentaries and video documentaries are the same thing, but there are certain differences between the two. First, let’s recognize the similarities, both of which show the real situation.

The difference is that documentaries have problems and efforts to solve these problems. The dynamic element is what characterizes the documentary. Those are some types of videos that you can find from production agency in Bali.