Month: February 2024

7 Balinese Interior Design Inspirations

Interior design trends in Bali are now increasingly developing, you can have a private home with a beautiful, modern, and unique design. Architecture firms in Bali will help you have a house with an interior style that combines modern elements, sophisticated technology, and Balinese culture.

Balinese interior design is now very popular, even though it has been popular since the 1990s. At that time, many architects were experimenting with combining traditional and modern designs, but still highlighting Balinese characteristics.

Bali is a region that has very strong traditions and culture. This is what makes Balinese architects create beautiful and harmonious buildings, a combination of contemporary design and traditional Balinese elements.

Since the 1990s, many business people have become interested in building villas, resorts, hotels, or private homes in Bali with unique designs. Even now, Balinese interior design has become one of the most popular interior designs. You can bring a Balinese feel to your home right now.

Balinese Interior Design Inspiration that is Suitable for Your Home

One of the advantages of Balinese interior design is its stunning aesthetics. Not only does it look very good, but the comfort and combination of elements are very beautiful to look at.

This Balinese interior design can create a calm atmosphere, and even make the rooms in your home appear more open. Most houses in Bali do not use large furniture that gives the impression of filling up the room, they tend to use minimalist furniture made of wood but still functional.

Here are some characteristics of Balinese interior design that could be your inspiration:

Natural Components

One of the characteristics of Balinese interior design is the use of natural materials. Most houses in Bali use building materials from wood, bamboo, stone, and rattan.

This material is directly connected to nature and has natural warmth. Houses that use natural materials seem very beautiful and exotic, this is the reason why tropical houses are one of many people’s favorite home designs.

This natural material can also be used for floors, walls, and decorative elements. The furniture used is also not much different from the building materials, namely wood and rattan. Wooden furniture usually has beauty with detailed and intricate carvings.

Most Balinese people use teak wood to make the furniture they want. Teak wood has excellent durability and resistance to tropical climates.

Apart from making the feel of the house calmer, the use of natural materials also reflects Bali as a region that continues to preserve the environment.

Tropical Plants

Balinese interior design also has another characteristic, namely that it is dominated by tropical plants. Most houses in Bali have tropical plants that grow abundantly.

Not only outdoors, this tropical plant is also indoors, successfully bringing a natural impression to the house. Lots of green plants will give your home a tropical feel and a comfortable atmosphere.

You can choose several plants for indoors such as ferns, palms, and several other plants. Apart from decorating the room, this tropical green plant will also create a very comfortable atmosphere like living in Bali.

Thatched Roof

To make your house even more beautiful, you can add straw elements. Traditional Balinese architecture is characterized by the use of thatched roofs made from alang-alang grass.

Not only is it protective, but this thatched roof is also proof that Bali has an excellent contribution to nature. You can have a roof that is environmentally friendly but can also protect your house from hot weather.

Color combinations

Balinese interior design usually uses warm color combinations. Such as the use of brown, white, cream, terracotta, and green. These colors reflect strong natural nuances and create a calm home atmosphere.

You can combine the natural colors above to create a very comfortable natural feel. You can also choose bright colors to create a more pleasant atmosphere.

If you are having difficulty realizing your dream home, you can look for architecture firms in Bali to help you design your home. They will help you create a house with a Balinese interior design that is unique in its own right.

Balinese Carving

One of the characteristics of traditional Balinese interior design is the carvings on stone and wood. Craftsmen in Bali are very famous for their skills in carving stone and wood.

Here, almost all wooden furniture must have beautiful hand carvings. These hand carvings are the work of Balinese craftsmen which attract tourists. Apart from wood carvings, Balinese interiors are also famous for stone carvings.

This carving will decorate walls, and doors and create an elegant touch to your home. This is the result of a combination of modern and traditional Balinese design.

Open Design

Almost all houses with Balinese interior designs have an open design. These houses have no boundaries between rooms, this is what makes the rooms appear more spacious and have more natural air circulation.

Open space also creates a more comfortable feel. It seems more spacious, you are suitable to apply Balinese interior design for minimalist homes that have limited space.

Balinese Bohemian Style

For decorative ornaments, you can use Balinese bohemian-style ornaments. Such as hanging lights, wall decorations, hanging chairs, and so on. This Balinese bohemian style can make your home look beautiful and unique.

Those are some Balinese interior design inspirations that you can follow. We, as architecture firms in Bali, will help you create your dream home with Balinese interior design that combines contemporary style with traditional touches.