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I am Your Budget Travel Buddy! Do you want to go for a solo trip but don’t know where to start? Of course, you can find many insights here. I have plenty of tips to keep your trip fun and merry. When it comes to you to choose a travel buddy, you can always rely on me!

Find many tips about saving for travel, planning your itinerary, choosing the destination of your travel plan, getting promos, and even photography tips for you, the adventurers. As the budget is what you are concerned about the most, I have heaps of tips to use so you can save money during your trip.

Take a Look at My Lifestyle! Being a blogger means I can explore more places for a living. So, you can also find some of my writings, talking about how I manage stress, exhaustion, and burn-up during the trip. Recently, I choose to live peacefully without draining my energy. It will be great if I can share how I overcome all those dark days with you.

I will also talk about how I deal with my savings, the lifestyle I adopt, and how I can enjoy every second of my life.

After a long, exhausting trip, a home is where I belong. This place is where I feel the most comfortable. So, I decided to explore more about how I decorate and make it more personalized, just like what I want. In this blog, you can also see how I get some tips to make my house look more comfortable and fun.

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