The Impact of Music on Mood and Behavior

Music and movies have become a part of our daily lives. In a way, we can listen to music or watch movies at least once a day. Since music and movies are more accessible through streaming services, such as Tubidy Mp4, it’s no wonder that music and movie can impact our moods and behavior.

This is not just an opinion, but research has proven that music and movie is not just entertainment, but can impact our mood every day. The research revealed that music and movie can increase happiness and reduces anxiety levels.

How Music and Movie Impacts Our Mood

If explained scientifically, music and movie channel a great stimulus to the brain, so that the mood will be impacted by this stimulus. This has been proven through research at the University of Montreal, United States.

According to McGill, researchers from the University of Montreal, listening to music can affect a person’s mood because music makes our bodies produce dopamine. This applies to the same when we watch movies.

Dopamine produced by the brain will increase, then give a feeling of pleasure. If we are in a good mood, it will also affect our behavior.

Music and Movies Make the Body Produce Beneficial Hormones

By listening to music and watching movies, several hormones will be produced by the body. These hormones have a role to improve brain function and mental health. The hormones that are released when we listen to music or watch movies are the hormones cortisol, serotonin, and oxytocin.

  • Cortisol: plays a role in relieving stress.
  • Serotonin: plays a role in increasing the body’s immunity.
  • Oxytocin: plays a role in growing the ability to socialize with others.

Some researchers have also suggested mental therapy using music. However, keep in mind that we also have to sort out the music we listen to. If you are in a bad condition, it is advisable not to listen to sad music or watch sad movies because it can worsen your condition.

It is recommended to listen to music and watch fun movies and make us happy. However, if you are in a good mood and able to deal with sadness, you can try sad music and movies.

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What Can Change in Our Life?

Music and movie is known as the most common means of entertainment accessed by many people. Even today, we can easily access music and movies on the internet.

One of the web streaming that you can try is Tubidy Mp4. By accessing it, you can find lots of exciting viewing recommendations to improve your mood.

If your mood has improved, you will also have a better quality of life. You won’t get angry easily, don’t easily forget things, can manage fatigue, and it’s easier to socialize with other people.

Of course, these good habits are difficult to do if you are in a bad mood. That’s why music and movies have a myriad of benefits for our lives.

Benefits of Music for Everyday Life

1. Improve Mood

As mentioned above, music can impact a person’s mood or mood. Thus, music is often used as a medium for therapy.

2. Improve Intelligence

The internal rhythm generated from music makes the nerves of the brain work comfortably. It also makes the working function of the brain more optimal.

4. Maintain Heart Health

The benefits of this music can be obtained when listening to music whose tempo or speed is the same as the normal heart rhythm.

5. Overcoming Fatigue

The production of the hormones dopamine and oxytocin when listening to music can make you happier and more excited. On the other hand, music also plays a role in increasing body endurance and maintaining muscle endurance.

6. Improve Memory

Several studies have shown that listening to or singing songs can benefit people with Alzheimer’s and other dementia diseases.

Benefits of Movies for Everyday Life

1. Relieves Stress

Movies are meant for entertainment, so it’s no wonder that movies have an impact on our moods. By increasing your mood, you can process your emotions well and avoid stressful things.

2. Maintain Brain Performance

By watching movies, our brains must also think about the storyline in the film. Thus, our imagination will increase and can maintain brain health.

3. Health therapy or Cinematherapy

Cinematherapy or cinematherapy is the process of using wide-screen films or television for health therapy purposes. According to Gary Solomon, Ph.D., a psychologist from the College of Southern Nevada, when watching movies alone at home, a person can cry, scream, and even reflect without worrying about other people’s opinions and judgments.

Movies also allow the audience to be immersed in the story, to become one with the characters, and to get the messages tucked into the story. It can help the process of therapy and positive energy for self-development.

4. Increasing Social Awareness

The film is one of the communication media that has a major influence in shaping a person’s mindset. In addition, film is a means to convey important messages to audiences in a fun way.


In short, music and movie are not simple entertainment. But it can greatly impact our lives, especially useful for improving mood, maintaining personal health, and improving social skills.

With the development of modern technology, you can get entertainment from music and movies easily. The internet provides it all, and one example is Tubidy Mp4 where you can watch entertainment for free.

Truck Dispatch Services For Your Moving

Personal moving is an activity that is most anticipated and tiring at the same time. Because of the personal move, you have to clean up and pack up all the items to be transported and tidy up the items again when you arrive at the new house. However, now your personal moving activities will feel easier with truck dispatch services.

By using a delivery service, you will be assisted later in the process of transporting goods to trucks and dropping off goods when they arrive at their destination. Maybe some of you are still unfamiliar with this type of service, so let’s discuss more this dispatch service.

What is Private Moving Dispatch Service?

As the name implies, this company will focus on providing delivery services for your move using a truck. You can use this delivery service for moving houses, shipping goods in small quantities, or shipping goods in large quantities such as shipping your business products.

In providing this service, the company will provide a group of professionals who will assist you in transporting, maintaining your goods during the shipping process, and unloading the goods when they arrive at their destination.

This needs to be done because the personal transfer process is not an easy thing and needs to be handled by experienced parties. In addition, the means of transportation used during the moving process must also be in good condition to maintain the condition of your goods.

Advantages of Using Private Moving Services

Of course, when you use a private relocation service, you will experience many advantages, including:

1. Some Help

By using a moving service, of course, during the transport and unloading process, some people will help you. So the process will feel lighter and faster.

2. Use of Quality Transportation Equipment

When you choose to use a moving service, of course, the service provider has provided quality transportation equipment that is ready to be used to transport your goods. That way you don’t need to doubt the safety of the goods you will send.

3. Additional Packaging Process

As you know that several types of goods will be very risky when shipped long distances using trucks. To get around this, usually, the moving service provider will also help with the packaging process for these risky goods.

Usually, they will provide wooden packing, add bubble wrap, or do other things so that the delivery process remains safe and the goods arrive at the destination address in good condition.

4. Heavy Activities will be carried out by Professionals

During the moving process, there are several types of items that will be difficult to transport with your bare hands. By using a moving service, the process will be assisted by using professional tools so that the goods will remain safe during the transportation and unloading process.

5. There is insurance

Because the personal relocation process is quite risky, the moving service provider will provide a guarantee during the process of sending your goods. This insurance is usually given for complaints such as damage to goods, loss of goods, or shipping processes that exceed the estimated time.

6. Goods Guaranteed to Arrive

The moving service provider will guarantee that the goods you send arrive at their destination. Apart from arriving right at the door, the moving service provider will also usually help with the process of unloading the goods and placing the goods where you want them. So the process when the goods arrive at their destination will feel easy and light.

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Tips for Choosing Truck Dispatch Services

Before choosing the shipping service you want to use, make sure you pay attention to the following tips:

1. Choose a Service Provider with a clear background

Not all private moving service companies have a business entity formation and a business operating permit. It’s a good idea before deciding which moving service company you want to use, to find out about the license from the service provider company.

To find out, you can also visit the official website of the office or contact customer service to ask for all the information you want to know.

2. Choose an Experienced Company

The job of moving goods is quite heavy work and has a lot of risks. If the transfer process is not carried out by an experienced party, it will certainly harm you as a service user.

Like the truck dispatch services provided by Truck Dispatch 360. They are committed to providing the best service, starting from the driver to the fleet provided. All of them are confirmed to be experienced and qualified.

So you don’t need to worry when your goods are in the delivery process. Because the goods will certainly remain safe and in good condition when the goods arrive at the destination address.

3. Check Company Reviews

Before choosing a moving service provider, it’s a good idea to look for reviews from previous service users online. From this review, you can already judge how well the quality provided by the company is.

4. Choose Service Providers According to Needs

Of course, when you are moving, you already have a certain list of criteria for the moving process that you will carry out. Choose a company that can provide services according to your needs.

This is done so that the moving process runs safely, and you can comfortably entrust the moving process to service providers.


Above is information about truck dispatch services that can help with your moving process. Hopefully, the information above is useful and your moving process goes safely.

7 Strategies For Managing Personal Life Anxiety

Anxiety in teenagers is one of the worries that is difficult for many people to admit because teenagers are considered to have emotions that are difficult to contain. Even though teenagers are most susceptible to excessive anxiety because their emotions are still unstable and it is difficult for them to find ways to overcome this.

7 Ways to Overcome Anxiety Disorders

You need to know that anxiety in teenagers or adults, in general, has several types including general anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias. Although each anxiety disorder has different characteristics, in general, these disorders can be treated by undergoing psychotherapy and taking certain medications.

One of the most common forms of psychotherapy to do is cognitive behavioral therapy. During a cognitive behavioral therapy session, you will be directed to train ways of thinking, reacting, and behaving that can reduce symptoms of anxiety.

Apart from cognitive behavioral therapy and taking drugs, there are several simple ways that you can do independently and be able to reduce the symptoms of anxiety that appear, namely:

Take a Deep Breath

While taking deep breaths, your body will become more relaxed and the nerve activity that causes anxiety in the brain will decrease. To relieve anxiety to the maximum, you can regulate your breath with the recommended technique.

The trick is to inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, then slowly release your breath for 8 seconds. Do it several times until the mind is calmer.

Apply Method 5-4-3-2-1

When you suddenly experience anxiety disorders, try to pay attention to your surroundings and name 5 things around you. Then, name 4 objects that you can touch. After that, pause and name 3 sounds you can hear at that moment.

Continue by mentioning the 2 types of scents you can smell. And finally, mention 1 taste that is on your tongue. This 5-4-3-2-1 way of dealing with anxiety is believed to be able to stop negative thoughts that trigger excessive anxiety in you.

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Focus On The Activity You Are Currently Living

Your focus will be disrupted when anxiety disorders come to you. To get around this, try to focus on what you are going to do.

For example, if you have a schedule that day to meet friends, then go. Or if you have a schedule for sports then start exercising. Because just sitting quietly without doing anything can make you only focus on your worries and make your anxiety disorder worse.

Avoid Caffeinated and Alcoholic Beverages

The next way to deal with anxiety disorders is to avoid consuming alcoholic and caffeinated drinks. Alcohol can indeed have a relaxing effect in the short term. However, if consumed too often or in excess, alcohol can exacerbate the anxiety disorder you are experiencing.

In addition, the consumption of caffeine in the form of coffee or tea can also trigger and exacerbate symptoms of anxiety. studies show that caffeine consumption makes a person feel more anxious, especially if consumed in excessive amounts, which is more than 5 glasses per day.

Take Time For Yourself

Take time for yourself. You can enjoy this time by relaxing, meditating, walking leisurely, soaking in warm water, or just doing your hobby. If it’s needed, you can try to turn off your cell phone so you don’t get disturbed.

Sometimes, the excessive anxiety that builds up in you can be caused by increased stress hormones. Taking time for yourself and relaxing will keep you from worrying and you will feel calmer.

Tell The People Closest To You

To reduce anxiety, you can tell people closest to you or people you trust, because telling stories with people you trust is believed to be able to reduce anxiety. That person could be a close friend, family, or maybe your psychiatrist.

As an alternative, try to find a support group with people with similar complaints. This way, you and other members can share experiences and tips on how to deal with anxiety disorders.

Eat Regularly and Drink Enough Water

Someone tends to forget to eat when they are busy and feel anxious. Even when the sugar level decreases due to late eating it can trigger a person to become more emotional and feel anxious. Lack of fluids or dehydration can also increase your heart rate and exacerbate the anxiety you feel.

Therefore, try to keep eating regularly and pay attention to the intake of drinking water that you consume so that you can reduce the risk of anxiety that you might experience.


This is the information we can convey about how to deal with anxiety in teenagers. If after carrying out the methods above your condition is still not getting better, try to get more serious treatment from a psychologist or psychiatrist, and if necessary, take medicines that have been prescribed by your psychiatrist.

Hopefully, the information above helps and can reduce your anxiety disorder.

How to Find the Ideal Coffee Taste

When dealing with baristas in cafes, confusion often arises when we have to choose which coffee beans are the best according to taste.

You can check it with the scoring method. Starting from the aroma of the coffee before it is brewed, the flavors, and the acidity, to the final total score, which is the conclusion of your taste.

Tips to Find Your Ideal Coffee Taste

And through this article, we will try to tell you how to find your ideal coffee taste, so that you can find it in a very easy way. If you want to know more about this, here are some tips that we can share with you.

The Coffee Fragrance Before Brewing

First, you can assess the smell of coffee before it is brewed, and after the beans are ground, if you like the smell of one type of coffee, you can give it a high score on a scale of 6–9.

Then brew it with hot water at a temperature of 91–93 degrees, or after letting it stand for 10 minutes after boiling. Then smell it after it’s been brewed; does the aroma increase or decrease? Then score again on the same scale, according to your favorite aroma.

Understanding Various Kinds of Coffee Flavors

The next assessment is in terms of coffee taste. Various coffees from the archipelago have various flavors, ranging from nutty, tobacco, and chocolate, to various fruits.

You can taste it by sipping the coffee with a teaspoon, trying to hit all parts of the tongue so that you can feel the various flavors.

If the dominant taste is bitter, you will feel it at the base of the tongue; a sweet taste will be felt on the tip of the tongue; sour on the side of the tongue, and so on.

“If nutty, chocolate, fruit, tobacco, acid, and others still taste the original coffee, if it’s rancid, the coffee has spoiled the coffee.”

After Taste

The next assessment is after taste, after you have swallowed the coffee and then swallowed it two or three times. If the taste of coffee is still stuck in the throat, then the aftertaste is low; conversely, if it is clean in the throat, then the aftertaste is clean. You can again give a high score on the coffee flavor you like, as well as the cleanest aftertaste.

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Measure The Height of Acidity

Then it’s time to measure the acidity level and body of the coffee. Acidity is the sour taste that is released from brewing coffee, while the body is related to viscosity, which is directly proportional to the bitter taste (bitter).

“The relationship between acidity and body is usually inversely proportional; if it is very sour, it will be bitter or the body will decrease, and vice versa. But it could be that both are balanced in the medium (both are not too bitter and not too sour).”

Add Up All The Scores

Finally, all you have to do is average the results, all the scores above are added up and divided by the six categories earlier. You can see which type of coffee suits your taste from the highest score results if you compare different types of coffee.

If you want to know more about coffee, you can visit which will allow you to learn more about coffee.

5 Impact of Free Government Laptops for Students

A laptop is a must-have device for students because it can be used for many things. One of the free government laptops programs helps students to complete their assignments and even attend class every day. This program has many positive impacts.

Laptops can be used anywhere, at school or home. The laptop provided by the government aims to support the distance learning system. Learning from yesterday’s pandemic situation, many governments have begun to support and send laptops to many schools so students can use them optimally.

The Impact of a Free Laptop from the Government

The distance learning method is one of the best today. Besides being more efficient, students can also learn many new things. Not only learning from teachers at school, but these students can also learn from international teachers.

Following are some of the positive impacts felt by students from free government laptops:

Learn More Efficiently

Laptops make students take notes more efficiently. Not having to use stationery, students can record things explained by the teacher using only a laptop. Later these students can play back existing class recordings to better understand the subject matter.

Students can also take many online classes and sign up for courses. Using only laptops and studying from home, these students can learn a lot of new knowledge.

Facilities that Support Group Work

Group work is one way to understand the subject matter which is quite effective. From group work, you can exchange thoughts and opinions with your friends. With a laptop, this is a very profitable facility.

Students can access the internet anywhere and can share files with group mates. Your laptop can also be installed with the software used to make journals, and presentations, edit videos, and more.

Easy Mobility

Studying at home or school can be both fun and boring. With a laptop, you can feel easy mobility.

You don’t have to sit in class or at a study table, you can take your laptop anywhere. You can study in a coffee shop, park, or in the car. The light and compact size of a laptop will make it easier for you to study.

Smoother Connectivity

The internet is one of the main learning needs. With a laptop, you can get a more stable internet connection. You can learn anywhere and anytime just by using the internet.

Laptops and the internet are two things that cannot be separated. One of the government’s goals for having a free laptop program is for students to feel the ease of learning.

In addition, laptops and the internet are modern learning methods that can be used today. This is considered the most effective because it frees students to learn and explore themselves.


This laptop from the government also trains students to be responsible. Students or schools do not own laptops, but the government buys them. So students who get this free laptop also learn to be responsible for maintaining and maximizing the use of laptops.

You have to use the laptop as best you can so that no damage occurs. The school will also carry out maintenance on student laptops that are brought home. The purpose of this maintenance will ensure that the devices used by students can work properly and help students understand the subject matter more easily.

Those are some of the impacts felt by students from the free government laptops program. The government dedicates this program to making it easier for students to learn and explore science.

Not only can students’ study at school, but they can also take online classes from around the world to increase their knowledge.

5 Tips To Stay Awake While On A Trip

While driving, we may often fall asleep. If the driver is easily drowsy, it will be very dangerous. Besides being able to endanger ourselves, it can also endanger passengers and other drivers. Use Tubidy Mp3 for your music needs so you don’t get sleepy easily.

Drowsiness While Traveling Is Common

While on the way, indeed, we can stay awake. But only for some time. If the trip takes a long distance, then over time we will feel sleepy. Drowsiness can come unexpectedly. In other words, it is not easy to predict drowsiness.

Not only will it be safer, but there are also many benefits if we can stay awake while driving. You will not miss the directions while driving if you are not sleepy.

That way, the journey can be faster because there are not many travel route problems. Therefore, try to stay awake while traveling.

Some Tips to Stay Awake While Traveling

That doesn’t mean you can’t avoid feeling sleepy. There are several things you can do to eliminate or prevent drowsiness while driving.

·         Drinking Coffee

Many people already know that coffee is very effective in preventing drowsiness. Because coffee has caffeine, which can help keep us awake. It’s not only important to drink while on a road trip.

Coffee is also often consumed for other needs. Starting from studying, working, and various other needs that require us to stay awake, There are important things you need to know about the effects of caffeine.

You have to remember every trip that the effects of caffeine will not appear immediately after consumption. The effect of drinking coffee will take time. The coffee effects appear about 30 minutes after drinking it.

So, make time before the trip to drink coffee. You also better take time to rest after drinking coffee during break time. Do not immediately drive again after drinking coffee.

·         Don’t Overeat

There are other important tips so you don’t get sleepy easily when traveling, namely, don’t overeat. Eat in moderation, and avoid driving if your stomach is still empty too. Whether you’re full or hungry, hunger can make you sleepy.

If we are hungry, we can hardly sleep too. However, hunger makes us tired and ultimately want to rest. Better yet, don’t eat until you’re too full. Limit the food that will be consumed so that you don’t get sleepy quickly when you drive.

·         After a long distance, pull over first

Taking a short nap is the right solution to make driving safer. You need to pull over the vehicle and then take a nap if you have traveled a considerable distance. After sleeping, you can relax for a while consuming coffee and using Tubidy MP3.

In this way, you can stay awake even on a long journey. You better rest long enough (2.5 hours). Another alternative is to rest every certain mileage if your trip is long.

Limiting yourself can help you avoid fatigue and dangerous situations while traveling.

·         Do not take any medications that can make us sleepy

If you want to take medication, avoid those whose side effects can make us drowsy. This is very important to note before driving. There are certain medicines, such as cold medicine, aspirin, hangover medicine, and so on.

But if you are required to take medicines, it is better not to drive for your safety.

·         ‘Driving Buddy’

If you have to drive far, try to find a driving partner. This is quite important if you are tired or previously did not sleep optimally. If that’s the case, it’s best to ask someone to accompany you for a ride.

Ask one of your friends to accompany you and ride in the front seat. Even though friends are chatting, you have to be careful when driving. It would be even better if your driving companion could drive too.

If you are tired and sleepy, you can ask your friend to take over the wheel.  The travel time will not experience too much delay.

Those are some tips that you should pay attention to when driving so you can prevent drowsiness from approaching you. You have to be careful every time you drive. In other words, don’t push yourself.

If you get sleepy while driving, take the time to pull over and enjoy Tubidy MP3. If forced, it will be very dangerous. Those are some tips that are important for you to pay attention to. So that you don’t get sleepy easily when traveling.

Have An Amazing Solo Traveling in Bali That Will Never Be Forgotten

Solo traveling is a lot of fun, at least you have to try it once in a lifetime. Bali is one of the favorite tourist destinations for solo trips. To start your trip, you can hire Bali driver to help you find the favorite places in Bali that are suitable for solo trips.

Bali has a very beautiful natural beauty, that is hard to find in other countries. Therefore, you can try a solo trip and get the most beautiful experience of your life.

Amazing Solo Trip in Bali

Many people are hesitant to go on a solo trip, even though this is fun. To make your solo trip to Bali memorable, several things must be prepared. Do not let, this holiday make you feel lonely because you are traveling alone.

Here’s how to make a solo trip to Bali extraordinary:

1.      Define Accommodation and Lodging

Before you buy a plane ticket, you should first determine your accommodation and lodging while you are in Bali. Choose backpacker lodging or, if you have more money, you can choose hotels in Bali.

Look for a hotel with a fee that you have prepared. You can also hire Bali driver to take you to various tourist attractions. You can also ask the driver for recommendations for tourist destinations that are suitable for solo trips.

2.      Enjoying the Beauty of the Beach in Bali

Even if you are traveling solo, you can also enjoy the beauty of the beaches in Bali. Enjoy the sunset and sunrise on the most beautiful beaches in Bali. You can bask under the hot sun and enjoy the beauty of nature.

3.      Cooking Class

Bali also offers tourist destinations that can enhance your skills in cooking. You don’t have to go around the beach, you can try to learn to cook in several communities in Bali.

You can look it up on the internet or ask a hotel receptionist about learning to cook. You can try various kinds of Indonesian dishes and try to cook them.

Not only can you learn about Indonesian cuisine, but you can also learn about other dishes that are no less unique. Bali has many places that offer specialty cooking, you will never forget this experience while traveling solo.

4.      Go to the Art Market

The art market can be one of the tourist destinations that must be visited during a solo trip. You can study art or buy a very unique art collection. One of them is that you can visit the Sukawati Art Market.

Here you can find many works of art, ranging from purely decorative to crafts.

5.      Waterfall

When you are on a solo trip, try to visit the waterfalls in Bali. There are lots of waterfalls that are suitable for you to visit alone while enjoying the cool air in the middle of the Balinese forest.

When traveling solo, you can hire Bali driver to make your trip safer and more enjoyable. You will never forget this vacation this time, and you should try it right away.

8 Benefits of Traveling with Friends (Group Travel)

Traveling to a new place will be an exciting experience, even for some people it will be the first experience in their life. You can decide to be a solo traveler or travel with a group of people, especially your friends.

You can plan this to get a more enjoyable travel experience. Maybe for some people, traveling alone will be more fun. However, traveling alone seems to be quite costly if you can’t make the right budget.

The solution, you can vacation with your friends and get a more enjoyable experience. You can arrange travel plans with your friends, starting from budget plans, determining destinations, choosing accommodations, and more.

Reasons Why Traveling With Friends Is More Fun

Traveling with friends is certainly more fun, you can do it with all your friends. There are many reasons why traveling with friends will be more enjoyable than traveling alone:

Sharing Travel Expenses

One of the advantages of traveling with friends or family is that you can save on expenses while traveling. When you decide to travel, of course, you already have a budget for flight tickets, accommodation, food, or other activities during the holidays.

If you plan it with friends, you can share the cost of the trip equally. Especially if you use the services of a travel agent, usually group trips will get cheaper prices or you can get lots of discounts.

Lower costs will make your vacation more enjoyable because you can save money and still have a pleasant holiday experience.

Determining Travel Destinations Together

If there are lots of new tourist spots that you’ve never visited, try inviting your friends or family. You can determine interesting tourist spots and determine by mutual agreement. Ask your friends for their opinions regarding the tourist destinations you want or dream of.

Experiencing Many New Things

Unlike traveling alone, vacations with friends certainly provide new experiences. You can try many extreme rides with friends or share experiences with local people.

Staying in a villa or hotel with friends also provides more fun stories. Maybe you will experience many pleasant events and annoying unexpected conditions while traveling, but when you are with friends you still feel safe and comfortable.

Makes You Learn A Lot About Friends

When traveling with friends, maybe you will learn new things about your friends. You can get jokes from friends and strengthen friendship ties.

You will also find out their likes or the things they like most in their life. Of course, this will make you better understand your friendship environment and strengthen your friendship.

Have Someone to Talk to

Unlike traveling alone, you don’t have friends to talk to. Maybe you will find someone else sitting next to you to talk to. But when you decide to go out with friends, you have someone to talk to.

You can exchange stories or opinions about this holiday. So you won’t get bored because your friends will feel different things during the trip, and you can hear what they have to say.

Sharing Baggage

When you pay more for baggage at the airport, of course, this is quite annoying, especially if you already have a special budget for the holidays. These unexpected expenses often make vacation costs more expensive.

Therefore traveling with friends can be the right solution. You can share luggage with friends so that all holiday equipment can be brought. Likewise, if your suitcase is still empty, you can offer your friend to put some of their luggage in your suitcase so you don’t have to pay for additional baggage.

Safer Holidays

Traveling with friends certainly makes you feel safer than going alone. You can minimize crime when you are in an area prone to pickpocketing because you go in groups.

You and your friends will protect each other to keep things safe and this is also a barrier for criminals. Experiencing problems while on vacation is certainly a very sad thing, if you go with friends then you can protect yourself from the evil around you.

Meet New People

Apart from going with friends, you can also meet other tourists who go together in groups. You can greet each other and talk about the holidays. You can meet new people when you visit certain tourist destinations.

Of course, going on vacation with friends will bring an unforgettable experience. You can expand your friendship network with lots of new people you meet on vacation.

Going on a group trip with friends or family has many advantages. You can save on travel budgets, starting from hotels, transportation, food, or other activities. However, you need to make careful plans before traveling with friends.

Make sure your friends agree with the destinations that have been set so that none of your friends feel disappointed while on vacation.

How to Protect Yourself While Traveling Solo

Traveling solo to a new area is both challenging and exciting. However, you have to stay alert because you are out of town or abroad without a holiday companion.

For example the risk of crime and the dangers that might lurk. Moreover, when you are not familiar with the place and it is clear that you are a foreigner. Make sure to plan your vacation carefully regarding preparation, during the holidays, until the holidays are over.

We will share safety tips during solo traveling to avoid all crimes. Before that, you need to know what you have to prepare before traveling solo.

Solo Travel Preparation

Traveling solo will certainly be a new challenge for those of you who have never traveled alone, but this will train you to become a person who does everything independently.

Then, you have to prepare various things before going solo traveling so that your vacation plans run smoothly.

1. Prepare a Travel Plan

An itinerary is important to prepare, especially if you are traveling solo. Then you will have no trouble and confusion when visiting any tourist spot.

Apart from that, the Itinerary also helps you manage spending money during the holidays so you don’t buy something on impulse.

2. Bring All Important Documents

Carrying important documents when traveling solo is mandatory. Always make sure your bag contains complete documents, such as identity cards, passports, travel transportation tickets, ATM, and other important documents that are likely to be needed.

3. Understand Accommodation and Transportation Access

After determining which places you want to visit while traveling solo, get to know the access to accommodation and transportation in those places well.

Make sure the lodging places such as the hotel you choose are safe and comfortable to use. As a reference, choose a place to stay that gets the most positive reviews from users.

After that, you also need to find out what public transportation you can use from the inn to the tourist attractions. Understand ticket prices, schedules, and travel routes that the vehicle passes. Before leaving for traveling, find out information about transportation and accommodation by looking for it on the Internet.

4. Bring Medicines

Don’t forget to provide personal medicines especially when traveling alone. Because, the one who knows the condition of your body best is yourself. Also prepare some complementary medicines, such as anti-nausea drugs, headache relievers, paracetamol, vitamins, and so on.

In addition, those of you who have certain medical conditions need to prepare special notes on your cellphone in case of an emergency situation.

5. Manage Finances as Best as Possible

In order not to run out of money while on vacation, you need to manage your expenses as best you can. You can set a budget and travel plans so you can control expenses during the holidays.

How to Protect Yourself while Solo Traveling

After the preparations for solo travel have been completed, now you just need to enjoy your vacation in a relaxed manner. However, something unwanted could happen considering you went alone.

Here are some tips you can do to protect yourself when you are in a foreign place alone while traveling.

1. Always Update Information to Family or Friends

Before going on vacation, make sure the people closest to you know that you are leaving. After that, give updated information about detailed information about your travel plans to friends, family at home or partner as a precaution against bad things that might happen.

This will be very helpful if at any time something happens in the area you are visiting. They will be able to move quickly if there are hazards and risks that occur during your vacation.

2. Don’t Tell Everybody That You’re Going Alone

It’s true that you go alone, but try your best not to tell this to everyone you talk to. You won’t know what they are thinking because you just got to know them.

It’s better if you try to look like you’re not alone or avoid people who look suspicious. Tell those who ask you that you are going out with someone, whether it’s your husband, wife, parents or friends.

Apart from that, your goal of wanting to travel alone will also fail because they might invite you to join their group. So, you can’t enjoy alone time like you desire.

3. Do not easily believe in others

There’s nothing wrong with making new friends while traveling solo, but it’s a good idea to be more selective about the people you talk to. Don’t easily trust everyone you meet.

If the person acts strangely and rambles when spoken to, walk away immediately and avoid that person.

4. Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi

Internet access at this time is needed, moreover communication and data search are more accessible via the Internet. However, avoid using public Wi-Fi as it makes it easier for thieves to hack information stored on your cellphone or laptop.

Instead of using public Wi-Fi, it’s best to use a portable router or your own Internet data plan to access the Internet. If you are traveling solo abroad, get a local SIM card which can be purchased at electronics stores or airport kiosks.

5. Choose Strategic Accommodation

Strategic accommodation helps you to easily access tourist attractions, places to eat, places for souvenirs, shopping centers, and transportation. In addition, strategic accommodation tends to be crowded with visitors, thereby minimizing the occurrence of unexpected crimes.

6. Set up Emergency Contacts

Make sure you keep emergency contacts of trusted people in case of dangerous unexpected events. For example, local police emergency contacts, tour guides, lodging, and family at home.

7. Don’t Stop When You Feel Followed

If you feel that a strange person is following you, don’t stop. Go to a crowded place or approach a group you feel you can trust for help.

Once you feel safe and the person has left, ask the person who helped you to come home immediately. Most importantly, don’t show the stalker where your hostel is while they’re being followed.

8. Beware All The Times

You should never feel careless if you are on vacation to a place that is considered safe. Because, crime and things that can happen anywhere and anytime. Solo travelers are often targeted in various regions.

So, stay alert and always take care of yourself and your belongings while traveling. Even better if you prepare a tool in the form of a spray bottle filled with spicy liquid to protect yourself.

9. Don’t Keep Money in One Place

When going anywhere, it is recommended that you save money in many places. Don’t keep all your cash in one place. This is a precautionary measure should your bag or wallet be stolen, so you still have spare cash.

You can save emergency money in unexpected places, such as socks, front pocket of your pants, behind your cellphone case, or other places that thieves can’t easily reach.

10. Carry Personal Medical Information

Even if you have brought medicine with you when you go on a trip, it is also important to bring personal medical information with you. This is a treatment measure if you suddenly get sick or injured so you have to go to the hospital.

At least, your medical record information will help local doctors find out blood type, list of medications, allergies, and other important information needed.

Benefits of Traveling Solo

There are several benefits that you can get from traveling solo, this can be a strong motivation to convince you to travel alone. These benefits include:

1. Can Understand Yourself

We must have frequently questioned our true selves, our purpose in life, our contributions to the world, and other issues up to this point.

But, while traveling solo, it means you have time to think a lot about your life. You can do anything alone as long as you are a solo traveler and go anywhere freely.

2. Increase Confidence

Being a solo traveler means that you will decide whatever you want. So that when faced with a choice or a few obstacles, you can find a way out yourself without depending on others.

3. Make New Friends

The most fun thing when traveling solo is meeting other solo travelers. If you meet one of them at a tourist spot, ask them to get acquainted. Even if possible, invite them to walk together in the venue.

Besides adding experience, you will also get new friends. It could even become close friends, and in the future maybe you can vacation together with them.

4. Learn How to Manage Finances

Going on vacation alone means that the costs you incur are only for yourself, and everything is also for the planning you made beforehand. Therefore, like it or not, you have to be able to manage your finances to save more while traveling.

5. Can Appreciate Little Things

If usually we are not disciplined during traveling, this time is different. During the holidays, we cannot rely on our housemates or group members. We thus value our time and ourselves more as a consequence.

When others still want to assist us when we are in need, even if we have never met, it touches us more..


These are tips for protecting yourself while traveling solo. Remember, crime can happen anywhere and anytime, especially to foreigners in a new place such as solo travelers. Always prepare everything before going on vacation and be careful when you are in a new place.

Reasons to Travel During Low Season, Lots of Benefits!

Before you go on vacation, you must prepare a budget for the trip. If you choose to take a vacation at Christmas or New Year’s, surely the costs that you prepare will not be small. Of course, you can find ways to save on your vacation budget by choosing low season.

Traveling during the low season seems to provide many advantages, especially in terms of budget. Should I travel during the low season? You will find the reason here.

Reasons for Traveling During the Low Season

Maybe many people prefer to travel during the holiday season, but this makes vacation costs more and more. Because accommodation, airline tickets, and hotels are also becoming more expensive.

Traveling during the low season does require more preparation, especially for those of you who work every day, so you have to take time off on weekdays. So before deciding to take a vacation, it’s a good idea to choose the best day when your work isn’t piling up and you can take time off to travel.

Then what are the advantages of traveling during the low season?

Cheaper Flights

When the holiday season arrives, usually airlines will increase flight ticket prices. Of course, this can make expenses more expensive. Therefore, one of the advantages of traveling during the low season is lower flight tickets.

You can even buy cheap flight tickets for your favorite airlines. This makes for the perfect conditions for traveling.

Minimal Crowd

If you travel during the holiday season, you will find crowds everywhere. But during low season, you won’t find many crowds on trips or tourist destinations. Of course, this crowd will make it difficult and make your steps uncomfortable.

Traveling during the low season will provide comfort because there are minimal crowds or you will only find crowds in certain places.

Travel to More Places with Less Time

Traveling during the low season certainly provides many advantages, one of which is that you can enjoy many tourist destinations in many places in a short amount of time. This is influenced by the small number of tourists who are in the location you are going to. Travel is also faster because fewer people are going to that destination.

Cheaper Hotel Accommodation

Another advantage that you can get during low season is cheaper hotel accommodation, of course, this will save your vacation budget. Many hotels will provide standard prices that are cheaper than during the holiday season.

You can save 50% to find the best accommodation while on vacation. During the low season, there are many opportunities to get a hotel in a strategic location with an amazing view.

No Queues

Besides saving costs, you can also save time during holidays in the low season. Because you won’t find many queues at airports or tourist attractions. You won’t waste your time waiting in line and you’ll have more time to spend on your vacation.

Every Service gets Better

During holidays in the high season, many places may not be able to maximize service properly because of the large number of people waiting. It’s different if you choose to travel during the low season, you can get the best service from several places such as restaurants, tourist attractions, pubs, and others.

Of course, this will increase your satisfaction and make your vacation more enjoyable.

Improved Security

Due to crowds during high season, there can be threats of harassment or other crimes. Unlike when you travel in the low season, you can get increased security because there are no crowds.

Of course, this will make your vacation time more enjoyable and you don’t have to worry about going to many places.

Interact with Locals

One of the things that makes your vacation enjoyable is adding to the experience by interacting with residents. You can have simple and meaningful conversations with residents.

Besides being able to understand their lives, you can also get many benefits. During the holiday season, usually, residents will raise the prices of food or souvenirs. But in low season, you can interact with them and get a lower price.

Vacationing during the low season provides many advantages, especially to save costs. You can start planning your vacation in the low season so you can save costs and get a more enjoyable vacation experience because there are no crowds anywhere.

One of the tips for going on vacation during the low season is to take the day after the cut-off at your company. So you won’t be nervous or worried about your work and can enjoy traveling happily.

Vacationing in the low season also won’t cause traffic jams anywhere, so you can go to many places with a rented vehicle or public transportation. Of course, you will enjoy your vacation more with a pleasant experience.