Have An Amazing Solo Traveling in Bali That Will Never Be Forgotten

Solo traveling is a lot of fun, at least you have to try it once in a lifetime. Bali is one of the favorite tourist destinations for solo trips. To start your trip, you can hire Bali driver to help you find the favorite places in Bali that are suitable for solo trips.

Bali has a very beautiful natural beauty, that is hard to find in other countries. Therefore, you can try a solo trip and get the most beautiful experience of your life.

Amazing Solo Trip in Bali

Many people are hesitant to go on a solo trip, even though this is fun. To make your solo trip to Bali memorable, several things must be prepared. Do not let, this holiday make you feel lonely because you are traveling alone.

Here’s how to make a solo trip to Bali extraordinary:

1.      Define Accommodation and Lodging

Before you buy a plane ticket, you should first determine your accommodation and lodging while you are in Bali. Choose backpacker lodging or, if you have more money, you can choose hotels in Bali.

Look for a hotel with a fee that you have prepared. You can also hire Bali driver to take you to various tourist attractions. You can also ask the driver for recommendations for tourist destinations that are suitable for solo trips.

2.      Enjoying the Beauty of the Beach in Bali

Even if you are traveling solo, you can also enjoy the beauty of the beaches in Bali. Enjoy the sunset and sunrise on the most beautiful beaches in Bali. You can bask under the hot sun and enjoy the beauty of nature.

3.      Cooking Class

Bali also offers tourist destinations that can enhance your skills in cooking. You don’t have to go around the beach, you can try to learn to cook in several communities in Bali.

You can look it up on the internet or ask a hotel receptionist about learning to cook. You can try various kinds of Indonesian dishes and try to cook them.

Not only can you learn about Indonesian cuisine, but you can also learn about other dishes that are no less unique. Bali has many places that offer specialty cooking, you will never forget this experience while traveling solo.

4.      Go to the Art Market

The art market can be one of the tourist destinations that must be visited during a solo trip. You can study art or buy a very unique art collection. One of them is that you can visit the Sukawati Art Market.

Here you can find many works of art, ranging from purely decorative to crafts.

5.      Waterfall

When you are on a solo trip, try to visit the waterfalls in Bali. There are lots of waterfalls that are suitable for you to visit alone while enjoying the cool air in the middle of the Balinese forest.

When traveling solo, you can hire Bali driver to make your trip safer and more enjoyable. You will never forget this vacation this time, and you should try it right away.

8 Benefits of Traveling with Friends (Group Travel)

Traveling to a new place will be an exciting experience, even for some people it will be the first experience in their life. You can decide to be a solo traveler or travel with a group of people, especially your friends.

You can plan this to get a more enjoyable travel experience. Maybe for some people, traveling alone will be more fun. However, traveling alone seems to be quite costly if you can’t make the right budget.

The solution, you can vacation with your friends and get a more enjoyable experience. You can arrange travel plans with your friends, starting from budget plans, determining destinations, choosing accommodations, and more.

Reasons Why Traveling With Friends Is More Fun

Traveling with friends is certainly more fun, you can do it with all your friends. There are many reasons why traveling with friends will be more enjoyable than traveling alone:

Sharing Travel Expenses

One of the advantages of traveling with friends or family is that you can save on expenses while traveling. When you decide to travel, of course, you already have a budget for flight tickets, accommodation, food, or other activities during the holidays.

If you plan it with friends, you can share the cost of the trip equally. Especially if you use the services of a travel agent, usually group trips will get cheaper prices or you can get lots of discounts.

Lower costs will make your vacation more enjoyable because you can save money and still have a pleasant holiday experience.

Determining Travel Destinations Together

If there are lots of new tourist spots that you’ve never visited, try inviting your friends or family. You can determine interesting tourist spots and determine by mutual agreement. Ask your friends for their opinions regarding the tourist destinations you want or dream of.

Experiencing Many New Things

Unlike traveling alone, vacations with friends certainly provide new experiences. You can try many extreme rides with friends or share experiences with local people.

Staying in a villa or hotel with friends also provides more fun stories. Maybe you will experience many pleasant events and annoying unexpected conditions while traveling, but when you are with friends you still feel safe and comfortable.

Makes You Learn A Lot About Friends

When traveling with friends, maybe you will learn new things about your friends. You can get jokes from friends and strengthen friendship ties.

You will also find out their likes or the things they like most in their life. Of course, this will make you better understand your friendship environment and strengthen your friendship.

Have Someone to Talk to

Unlike traveling alone, you don’t have friends to talk to. Maybe you will find someone else sitting next to you to talk to. But when you decide to go out with friends, you have someone to talk to.

You can exchange stories or opinions about this holiday. So you won’t get bored because your friends will feel different things during the trip, and you can hear what they have to say.

Sharing Baggage

When you pay more for baggage at the airport, of course, this is quite annoying, especially if you already have a special budget for the holidays. These unexpected expenses often make vacation costs more expensive.

Therefore traveling with friends can be the right solution. You can share luggage with friends so that all holiday equipment can be brought. Likewise, if your suitcase is still empty, you can offer your friend to put some of their luggage in your suitcase so you don’t have to pay for additional baggage.

Safer Holidays

Traveling with friends certainly makes you feel safer than going alone. You can minimize crime when you are in an area prone to pickpocketing because you go in groups.

You and your friends will protect each other to keep things safe and this is also a barrier for criminals. Experiencing problems while on vacation is certainly a very sad thing, if you go with friends then you can protect yourself from the evil around you.

Meet New People

Apart from going with friends, you can also meet other tourists who go together in groups. You can greet each other and talk about the holidays. You can meet new people when you visit certain tourist destinations.

Of course, going on vacation with friends will bring an unforgettable experience. You can expand your friendship network with lots of new people you meet on vacation.

Going on a group trip with friends or family has many advantages. You can save on travel budgets, starting from hotels, transportation, food, or other activities. However, you need to make careful plans before traveling with friends.

Make sure your friends agree with the destinations that have been set so that none of your friends feel disappointed while on vacation.

How to Protect Yourself While Traveling Solo

Traveling solo to a new area is both challenging and exciting. However, you have to stay alert because you are out of town or abroad without a holiday companion.

For example the risk of crime and the dangers that might lurk. Moreover, when you are not familiar with the place and it is clear that you are a foreigner. Make sure to plan your vacation carefully regarding preparation, during the holidays, until the holidays are over.

We will share safety tips during solo traveling to avoid all crimes. Before that, you need to know what you have to prepare before traveling solo.

Solo Travel Preparation

Traveling solo will certainly be a new challenge for those of you who have never traveled alone, but this will train you to become a person who does everything independently.

Then, you have to prepare various things before going solo traveling so that your vacation plans run smoothly.

1. Prepare a Travel Plan

An itinerary is important to prepare, especially if you are traveling solo. Then you will have no trouble and confusion when visiting any tourist spot.

Apart from that, the Itinerary also helps you manage spending money during the holidays so you don’t buy something on impulse.

2. Bring All Important Documents

Carrying important documents when traveling solo is mandatory. Always make sure your bag contains complete documents, such as identity cards, passports, travel transportation tickets, ATM, and other important documents that are likely to be needed.

3. Understand Accommodation and Transportation Access

After determining which places you want to visit while traveling solo, get to know the access to accommodation and transportation in those places well.

Make sure the lodging places such as the hotel you choose are safe and comfortable to use. As a reference, choose a place to stay that gets the most positive reviews from users.

After that, you also need to find out what public transportation you can use from the inn to the tourist attractions. Understand ticket prices, schedules, and travel routes that the vehicle passes. Before leaving for traveling, find out information about transportation and accommodation by looking for it on the Internet.

4. Bring Medicines

Don’t forget to provide personal medicines especially when traveling alone. Because, the one who knows the condition of your body best is yourself. Also prepare some complementary medicines, such as anti-nausea drugs, headache relievers, paracetamol, vitamins, and so on.

In addition, those of you who have certain medical conditions need to prepare special notes on your cellphone in case of an emergency situation.

5. Manage Finances as Best as Possible

In order not to run out of money while on vacation, you need to manage your expenses as best you can. You can set a budget and travel plans so you can control expenses during the holidays.

How to Protect Yourself while Solo Traveling

After the preparations for solo travel have been completed, now you just need to enjoy your vacation in a relaxed manner. However, something unwanted could happen considering you went alone.

Here are some tips you can do to protect yourself when you are in a foreign place alone while traveling.

1. Always Update Information to Family or Friends

Before going on vacation, make sure the people closest to you know that you are leaving. After that, give updated information about detailed information about your travel plans to friends, family at home or partner as a precaution against bad things that might happen.

This will be very helpful if at any time something happens in the area you are visiting. They will be able to move quickly if there are hazards and risks that occur during your vacation.

2. Don’t Tell Everybody That You’re Going Alone

It’s true that you go alone, but try your best not to tell this to everyone you talk to. You won’t know what they are thinking because you just got to know them.

It’s better if you try to look like you’re not alone or avoid people who look suspicious. Tell those who ask you that you are going out with someone, whether it’s your husband, wife, parents or friends.

Apart from that, your goal of wanting to travel alone will also fail because they might invite you to join their group. So, you can’t enjoy alone time like you desire.

3. Do not easily believe in others

There’s nothing wrong with making new friends while traveling solo, but it’s a good idea to be more selective about the people you talk to. Don’t easily trust everyone you meet.

If the person acts strangely and rambles when spoken to, walk away immediately and avoid that person.

4. Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi

Internet access at this time is needed, moreover communication and data search are more accessible via the Internet. However, avoid using public Wi-Fi as it makes it easier for thieves to hack information stored on your cellphone or laptop.

Instead of using public Wi-Fi, it’s best to use a portable router or your own Internet data plan to access the Internet. If you are traveling solo abroad, get a local SIM card which can be purchased at electronics stores or airport kiosks.

5. Choose Strategic Accommodation

Strategic accommodation helps you to easily access tourist attractions, places to eat, places for souvenirs, shopping centers, and transportation. In addition, strategic accommodation tends to be crowded with visitors, thereby minimizing the occurrence of unexpected crimes.

6. Set up Emergency Contacts

Make sure you keep emergency contacts of trusted people in case of dangerous unexpected events. For example, local police emergency contacts, tour guides, lodging, and family at home.

7. Don’t Stop When You Feel Followed

If you feel that a strange person is following you, don’t stop. Go to a crowded place or approach a group you feel you can trust for help.

Once you feel safe and the person has left, ask the person who helped you to come home immediately. Most importantly, don’t show the stalker where your hostel is while they’re being followed.

8. Beware All The Times

You should never feel careless if you are on vacation to a place that is considered safe. Because, crime and things that can happen anywhere and anytime. Solo travelers are often targeted in various regions.

So, stay alert and always take care of yourself and your belongings while traveling. Even better if you prepare a tool in the form of a spray bottle filled with spicy liquid to protect yourself.

9. Don’t Keep Money in One Place

When going anywhere, it is recommended that you save money in many places. Don’t keep all your cash in one place. This is a precautionary measure should your bag or wallet be stolen, so you still have spare cash.

You can save emergency money in unexpected places, such as socks, front pocket of your pants, behind your cellphone case, or other places that thieves can’t easily reach.

10. Carry Personal Medical Information

Even if you have brought medicine with you when you go on a trip, it is also important to bring personal medical information with you. This is a treatment measure if you suddenly get sick or injured so you have to go to the hospital.

At least, your medical record information will help local doctors find out blood type, list of medications, allergies, and other important information needed.

Benefits of Traveling Solo

There are several benefits that you can get from traveling solo, this can be a strong motivation to convince you to travel alone. These benefits include:

1. Can Understand Yourself

We must have frequently questioned our true selves, our purpose in life, our contributions to the world, and other issues up to this point.

But, while traveling solo, it means you have time to think a lot about your life. You can do anything alone as long as you are a solo traveler and go anywhere freely.

2. Increase Confidence

Being a solo traveler means that you will decide whatever you want. So that when faced with a choice or a few obstacles, you can find a way out yourself without depending on others.

3. Make New Friends

The most fun thing when traveling solo is meeting other solo travelers. If you meet one of them at a tourist spot, ask them to get acquainted. Even if possible, invite them to walk together in the venue.

Besides adding experience, you will also get new friends. It could even become close friends, and in the future maybe you can vacation together with them.

4. Learn How to Manage Finances

Going on vacation alone means that the costs you incur are only for yourself, and everything is also for the planning you made beforehand. Therefore, like it or not, you have to be able to manage your finances to save more while traveling.

5. Can Appreciate Little Things

If usually we are not disciplined during traveling, this time is different. During the holidays, we cannot rely on our housemates or group members. We thus value our time and ourselves more as a consequence.

When others still want to assist us when we are in need, even if we have never met, it touches us more..


These are tips for protecting yourself while traveling solo. Remember, crime can happen anywhere and anytime, especially to foreigners in a new place such as solo travelers. Always prepare everything before going on vacation and be careful when you are in a new place.

Reasons to Travel During Low Season, Lots of Benefits!

Before you go on vacation, you must prepare a budget for the trip. If you choose to take a vacation at Christmas or New Year’s, surely the costs that you prepare will not be small. Of course, you can find ways to save on your vacation budget by choosing low season.

Traveling during the low season seems to provide many advantages, especially in terms of budget. Should I travel during the low season? You will find the reason here.

Reasons for Traveling During the Low Season

Maybe many people prefer to travel during the holiday season, but this makes vacation costs more and more. Because accommodation, airline tickets, and hotels are also becoming more expensive.

Traveling during the low season does require more preparation, especially for those of you who work every day, so you have to take time off on weekdays. So before deciding to take a vacation, it’s a good idea to choose the best day when your work isn’t piling up and you can take time off to travel.

Then what are the advantages of traveling during the low season?

Cheaper Flights

When the holiday season arrives, usually airlines will increase flight ticket prices. Of course, this can make expenses more expensive. Therefore, one of the advantages of traveling during the low season is lower flight tickets.

You can even buy cheap flight tickets for your favorite airlines. This makes for the perfect conditions for traveling.

Minimal Crowd

If you travel during the holiday season, you will find crowds everywhere. But during low season, you won’t find many crowds on trips or tourist destinations. Of course, this crowd will make it difficult and make your steps uncomfortable.

Traveling during the low season will provide comfort because there are minimal crowds or you will only find crowds in certain places.

Travel to More Places with Less Time

Traveling during the low season certainly provides many advantages, one of which is that you can enjoy many tourist destinations in many places in a short amount of time. This is influenced by the small number of tourists who are in the location you are going to. Travel is also faster because fewer people are going to that destination.

Cheaper Hotel Accommodation

Another advantage that you can get during low season is cheaper hotel accommodation, of course, this will save your vacation budget. Many hotels will provide standard prices that are cheaper than during the holiday season.

You can save 50% to find the best accommodation while on vacation. During the low season, there are many opportunities to get a hotel in a strategic location with an amazing view.

No Queues

Besides saving costs, you can also save time during holidays in the low season. Because you won’t find many queues at airports or tourist attractions. You won’t waste your time waiting in line and you’ll have more time to spend on your vacation.

Every Service gets Better

During holidays in the high season, many places may not be able to maximize service properly because of the large number of people waiting. It’s different if you choose to travel during the low season, you can get the best service from several places such as restaurants, tourist attractions, pubs, and others.

Of course, this will increase your satisfaction and make your vacation more enjoyable.

Improved Security

Due to crowds during high season, there can be threats of harassment or other crimes. Unlike when you travel in the low season, you can get increased security because there are no crowds.

Of course, this will make your vacation time more enjoyable and you don’t have to worry about going to many places.

Interact with Locals

One of the things that makes your vacation enjoyable is adding to the experience by interacting with residents. You can have simple and meaningful conversations with residents.

Besides being able to understand their lives, you can also get many benefits. During the holiday season, usually, residents will raise the prices of food or souvenirs. But in low season, you can interact with them and get a lower price.

Vacationing during the low season provides many advantages, especially to save costs. You can start planning your vacation in the low season so you can save costs and get a more enjoyable vacation experience because there are no crowds anywhere.

One of the tips for going on vacation during the low season is to take the day after the cut-off at your company. So you won’t be nervous or worried about your work and can enjoy traveling happily.

Vacationing in the low season also won’t cause traffic jams anywhere, so you can go to many places with a rented vehicle or public transportation. Of course, you will enjoy your vacation more with a pleasant experience.

5 Benefits of Daily Meditation

Meditation is a very positive healthy routine for adults, including school-age children. Not only can it provide positive energy, but this activity is also believed to improve children’s achievement at school.

Of course, it’s no secret that schoolchildren face the challenges of changing the modern world. With each new digital distraction, it becomes more difficult for children to focus on the things they should. Not a few of them experience the pressure of exam stress, competency, anxiety about their performance and potential future opportunities, and so on.

Through meditation, many positive benefits can be felt by school-age children who tend to be stressed with all their routines because in general, mindfulness is an activity that involves deep breathing and awareness of the body and mind.

Want to know what are the benefits of mindfulness meditation, especially for school-age children? Let’s see the full review.

1. Reduces stress and anxiety

Mindfulness meditation is believed to be a well-proven method for managing stress and anxiety. Both of these conditions develop through internal and external stress. Internal pressures include self-criticism, self-doubt, worry about abilities, and so on. It can also be a symptom of other developments, for example, a child with certain health conditions may feel anxious about his or her future well-being.

While external pressure can be in the form of parental influence, school burden, or pressure from peers. With mindfulness meditation, children allow themselves to acknowledge stress without thinking about it.

Instead of feeling stressed and anxious about the past or the future, he can focus on the life he wants to live each day. Even research in 2014 showed that 124 students who did mindfulness meditation did not experience anxiety and stress when facing school exams.

2. Increase attention and focus

In many ways, paying attention is important for schoolchildren to learn. But as mentioned above, today’s technological advances can be a challenge for a child in learning time. Starting from being tempted to play online games to play social media.

Recent research in 2018 shows that mindfulness meditation; mindfulness practice is effective in increasing the resource known as mindfulness even when the child becomes a beginner learning the art of meditation. You can see improvement with a careful 10-minute session. If your child has trouble maintaining his focus on study time and assignments for long periods, practicing mindfulness meditation can promote improvement.

3. Improving the cognition of school children

Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that mindfulness meditation enhances cognitive function while responding to time-sensitive activities. One study in the journal American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education 2019 shows that children who meditate during tests show better scores.

This result can be achieved because mindfulness increases learning effectiveness, attention, and memory in students.

4. Help children who struggle with perfectionism

Mindfulness and perfectionism cannot coexist in the same moment of awareness. Mindfulness meditation means being aware of everything around you, including yourself, without judgment. By practicing mindfulness a child who focuses obsessively on a perfect score can see the value of taking risks and making mistakes.

It can also reduce emotional pressure effectively on oneself to be successful every time. The learning process must be experienced, enjoyed, and not brought as pressure so that children can benefit from this realization.

5. Improve memory

Mindfulness has been scientifically proven to be beneficial for memory. When a child actively listens during lessons and pays more attention, this trains his awareness to stay focused in the present moment, so that ultimately he is better able to absorb structured information better.

In addition, it is also easier for children to remember what their teacher said in the last class because they listen actively. Her study notes won’t look like scribbles anymore, as she carefully writes down every word.

A 2019 study in the journal Brain Imaging and Behavior suggests that students who are attentively paying attention to information, such as a teacher teaching a classroom, can better retain new information as it relates to it, for example reading a book on the same topic.

By simply listening or reading attentively, children can improve their academic performance, so they do better in school.

Those are some of the benefits of mindfulness meditation that children can get. Besides being able to improve concentration and be good for mental health, mindfulness meditation can also overcome everyday personal and academic problems.

5 Ways To Increase Productivity

For those of you who have a lot of business, of course, you have experienced a day where you are very tired. Several tasks also sometimes come together. Or sometimes the first task has not been completed yet another task appears.

Of course, this can make you confused and even stressed, to get around this avoid doing work and multitasking, because by multi-tasking the tasks you do the results are not optimal because your focus is divided.

For those of you who often feel this way, this article will be suitable for you, because after this we will discuss 5 ways to increase productivity and prioritize your tasks.

Definition of Work Productivity

In general, work productivity is the amount of work that can be done by staff in a certain number of hours or the number of labor costs. An easy way to calculate work productivity is to divide the total output by the total input you work on. The input referred to in this case includes working hours and other resources used in the work process.

5 Ways To Increase Productivity And Prioritize Your Tasks

1. Create a priority scale

Every job certainly has its deadline and urgency, when you are given quite a lot of assignments you can make a priority scale and make sure you do the tasks with faster deadlines and a higher level of urgency first.

In addition, if you are asked to help with the work of other divisions, make sure you complete your main work first, and afterward, you can help other divisions with assistance according to your capacity.

To make it easier for you when making a priority scale, you can prepare a to-do list for your work that day, so that later when you have finished the first job, you can proceed to the second to-do list and so on.

This of course will make you more productive and reduce your time to think about which work you should finish first.

2. Set realistic goals

When you have a lot of work you can make targets for each of these jobs. Of course this can also be adjusted to the priority scale of each job.

For example, from job A you have 8 tasks with a deadline of 4 days in the future, you can target to complete 2 tasks per day so that the tasks you are working on have maximum results and don’t rush you.

3. Reduce distractions

When you are feeling hectic, make sure to keep away all kinds of distractions that can distract your concentration. For example, avoid accessing social media when you are working, because playing social media can distract you. Activate the busy mode on your handphone so that notifications from social media don’t interrupt your work time.

Apart from that, you can also use silent mode on your handphone, so that when there are notifications you are not distracted by notifications that are not important.

4. Tidy up the workbench

Having a tidy desk can make your working mood increase. In addition, when your desk is tidy, you can easily reach the tools and objects you need when you work.

5. Create a conducive workplace

Apart from tidying up your desk, make sure the workplace you choose is conducive enough, especially now that there are quite several companies that have facilities to work from anywhere.

If you choose to work at home, make sure you work in a room that is quite conducive, such as in your room or maybe your private workspace at home. If necessary, you can put the words “working” on the front door of your room so that there are no disturbances from the people at home.

If you choose to work in a cafe, make sure to choose a cafe where the atmosphere is quite conducive, or if necessary choose a cafe that has working space facilities so you can focus more while working.


Those are 5 ways to increase productivity and prioritize your tasks. Hopefully, the points above can help you to work more effectively and efficiently. Make sure you do the most important task first so you don’t feel overwhelmed and complete the task to the fullest.

How to Reflect and Learn on Experiences

Self-reflection is known as a part of the process of having self-introspection that is done by seeing back and reflecting on many things that have been done in life, like experiences, decisions, and habits. Self-reflection will help you have a better life next time.

Doing self-reflection can open up opportunities for you to see the important things from every situation you have been through. When you have it regularly and on the right way, the self-reflection will make your life better, balanced and happy.

Benefits of Self Reflection

There are various benefits of self-reflection that you can get, including:

1. Understand your strengths and weaknesses

Having a self-reflection will help you to understand your strengths and weaknesses well.

Use reflection to develop the strengths to some concrete skills. Meanwhile, by knowing your shortcomings, you can find out your limits in doing something.

2. Finding valuable lessons

Self-reflection can also help you gain new perspectives and lessons from the things you have experienced. This allows you to be optimistic about the future because you already know that the worst in the present can be beneficial in the future.

3. Responding to something wiser

When you faced a situation and problem, you will respond to the situation carelessly. However, this will lead to bad words or react with regretful actions.

Self-reflection makes you aware of the consequences of your words and also your actions. That way, in the future you can consider the best course of action you can take in certain situations.

How to Apply Self Reflection

Here are some ways to apply self-reflection in everyday life:

1. Prepare important questions

Before doing self-reflection, you need to prepare some important questions for yourself to answer. Some examples of these questions include:

  • What’s my biggest fear?
  • How does this fear affect my life?
  • What’s my biggest regret?
  • Will I get rid of this regret?
  • Is there a way that I can become a better friend, co-worker, or partner?

In addition to the questions above, you can also prepare a variety of other questions, for example, questions that may have been on your mind all along, but you haven’t been able to answer.

2. Select the appropriate method

After determining the questions for the self-reflection process, choose a self-reflection method that is comfortable for you to do.

Various methods of self-reflection that you can choose from include meditating, walking, running, or writing. While carrying out the method you have chosen, answer the self-reflection questions you have prepared beforehand.

Remember, when answering self-reflection questions, you need to be honest with yourself about what you’re thinking and feeling.

If you can answer these questions, then try to think about whether there are things you might learn from them. If so, you can apply those lessons to life now.

3. Schedule time for self-reflection

Setting a schedule will help get you into the habit of self-reflection. Try to start short at first, say 10 minutes, and then add time slowly. By doing it regularly, you will feel the maximum benefits of self-reflection.

However, remember that the point of self-reflection is not to beat yourself up or regret things that have happened in your life. Instead, self-reflection is done so that we can learn and be able to make changes for the better in the future.

If all this time you feel you have made many mistakes or regretted many things that happened in the past, it could be that the self-reflection you are doing is not correct. This should not be maintained because it is not good for your self-esteem and mental health.

If this happens to you, don’t hesitate to consult a psychologist. That way, you can be guided to form a new, better perspective on things that were negative for you.

The most important thing is that you don’t need to regret anything that has happened in your life, all things that have passed, let go. If the past is a sheet you have written, then read it and learn from it. The future is a new and untouched sheet, so write what is good for the future without having to try and force you to do what has been written on the back.

No matter how bad someone’s future is, their future is sacred and they have the right to change themselves and feel happy with what they choose in life.

How to Use Meditation for Insomnia

Sleep pattern problems are a problem for many people. Insomnia at a certain level can cause health problems. There are many ways to deal with insomnia, for example by taking medication or going to a psychiatrist. However, the consumption of drugs will cause unfavorable effects. Therefore, the most likely suggestion is to do meditation.

Meditation before going to bed is known to be able to overcome complaints of difficulty sleeping or insomnia. If you often experience it, this method is worth a try so that you sleep better and of course quality. The following is how to meditate before going to bed and its various benefits.

A study says that around 35-50% of adults are prone to insomnia. This condition should not be ignored because lack of sleep can cause difficulty concentrating and fatigue, which can interfere with activities and productivity.

Here’s How to Meditate Before Sleeping and Benefits

In the long term, sleeplessness can also trigger a variety of serious health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, and even heart attacks. Because the impact cannot be underestimated, you need to deal with this complaint carefully; one way is by meditating before going to bed.

Meditation before bed is believed to reduce stress which often triggers insomnia. This relaxation technique can calm the mind and make the body more relaxed so that you can sleep more soundly.

How to Meditate Before Sleeping

Meditation before going to bed can be done anywhere and anytime and does not require special equipment. You just need a quiet room so you can focus on meditating.

If you are already in a quiet room, you can apply the following meditation method before going to bed:

  • Get into a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Adjust breathing by inhaling deeply for 5 seconds, then exhaling slowly for 5 seconds as well.
  • Do it repeatedly.
  • Try to focus your mind on the movement and rhythm of your breath. Whenever your mind starts to turn to something else, return your focus to the airflow and breathing movements.

If you’ve never tried meditation before, just meditate briefly, take at least 3-5 minutes before going to bed. Once you get used to it, you can extend the meditation time to 15-20 minutes or adjust it as needed.

Benefits of Meditation Before Bed

The main benefit of meditation before going to bed is to improve sleep quality, however, not only that. There are other benefits that you can get from this habit, namely:

  • Increases the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone
  • Reduce pain
  • Improve mood
  • Reducing anxiety and depression
  • Improve focus
  • Control blood pressure
  • Maintain heart health

Apart from doing meditation before going to bed, several habits can also make you fall asleep faster or get better quality sleep, namely:

  • Avoid playing with gadgets when going to sleep.
  • Dim the bedroom light,
  • Consume enough water.
  • Wear comfortable nightgowns.
  • Try to sleep at the same time so that the sleep cycle is formed.

If the various methods above have been tried but you still experience insomnia or difficulty sleeping, try consulting a doctor to find out the cause of your difficulty sleeping so that appropriate treatment can be carried out.

You can also look for the closest person you can trust to be able to share a lot of complaints so you don’t have to keep or keep your feelings to yourself. So in essence, doing good socialization can also be a factor that helps you manage a good lifestyle and avoid insomnia.

Do not let you underestimate the problem of insomnia because you could have a psychiatric disorder and feel frustrated or even acute depression. Every human being has a body that needs rest with its capabilities and capacities, and if that is not fulfilled then it can become quite a serious problem.

After all, sleep is the only time when you can rest your mind and body, and good quality sleep will make you more stable mentally and physically healthy. You can start to calm your heart and mind by meditating.

Such is the review of the benefits of meditation in helping to reduce the problem of insomnia, I hope this is useful.

How to Design Home With Maximize Storage

Are the items in your house more and more? Do you feel confused to put things that you rarely use? Your house looks messy because lots of things are scattered.

An easy way you can do to organize these items is to buy a new storage area. But don’t be in a hurry, because the more storage boxes you have in your home, the more cramped your house will seem.

Try to check some small spaces in your house or places where the arrangement can be rearranged so that it is enough to store more things.

Like the space under the bed, the space under the stairs, or maybe the space behind the door. You can use small places that look useless to store things.

For those of you who are starting to get confused about how to organize your things, please read this article to the end, because in this article we will discuss about how to design a home with maximize storage space.

Tips & Tricks

Here are the points about how to design a home with maximize storage space:

1. Hanging rack

You can move the items scattered on the floor to the shelves that you hang on the wall. Of course you need to buy wall shelves in various beautiful shapes. So besides being used to tidy up your things, this also can be used as a decoration for your room.

2. Use multifunctional furniture

Currently, many furniture craftsmen provide services for custom furniture manufacturing. You can design multifunctional furniture according to your wishes and then discuss it with the craftsmen so that the resulting furniture can have to optimal functions.

An example of multi-functional furniture is a bed with a storage drawer underneath. Or making cabinets with a base that blends with the floor and a height that approaches the ceiling of the house.

3. Optimization of small rooms in the house

This small room, for example, is behind the door, or the part under the stairs.

You can store shoe racks, key chains or even jackets that you usually use behind the main door of your house.

As for the bedroom door, you can use it as a place to hang pajamas or clothes that you have used.

Furthermore, you can use the space under the stairs to store cleaning tools such as brooms, mops, floor brushes and so on. In addition, you can also keep a stock of cleaning soap in the room.

4. Use boxes

You can put items that you rarely use in container boxes. After that you stack the boxes into one pile so they don’t take up space.

Apart from that, you can also put small items such as sewing kits, medicines or other things in small boxes according to their type so that they are tidier and easier to find when you need them. If you don’t have a small container box, you can use a lunch box as a substitute.

You can also use small boxes to organize food ingredients in the refrigerator. Besides looking neat, this can also add to the aesthetics of your refrigerator.

5. Make a kitchen set

The kitchen is one place that contains a lot of things. Starting from food ingredients, cutlery, to tools for cooking.

So that your kitchen becomes tidier, you can make a kitchen set at the bottom of the floor your kitchen or a kitchen set that hangs on the wall.

In addition to placing items that you often use for cooking, this kitchen set can also be used to store foodstuffs that you don’t need to store in the refrigerator.

You can make a kitchen set with a shape that is adjusted to your needs. For example, a kitchen set with an arrangement of drawers to store spices, or a kitchen set with an opening door to store your cooking tools.

6. Discard unused items

Discarding unused items can make your storage space wider and can be used to store other items.


Those are some points that you can apply to your home. We hope that the information about how to design a home with maximize storage space above can make your home cleaner and tidier. Happy cleaning!

7 Ways to Make a Comfortable Home

Your home is a place to make good memories. This is a place where you can rest and grow your family. Decorating your house to make it comfortable is what you need for a happier life. Besides being a more comfortable place for living, a cozy home will bring warmth to the people living in it.

Creating a comfortable home will make you love your home. Besides, it will also reflect your personality. So, decorating your house will help you to showcase who you are. You can express your taste and your personality by designing your house the way you like.

So, how do you decorate your house to make it more comfortable? We’ll consider seeing how we decorate them perfectly!

Decorating a Comfortable House

Living in a comfortable house will escalate your mood and will make you more productive. If you want to have a happier life, maybe you should start by decorating your home.

In case you want to start decorating your house to make it comfortable, you will not only consider the aesthetic aspect but also its functions and features to make the overall design of your house comfortable for living.

Here are 7 ways you can make a comfortable home even cozier:

  1. Optimize the natural light in your house. Make sure you have wide windows opening. You can have a big glass window to make get plenty of natural light from the outside of your house. Besides making the room brighter, it also reduces energy usage for your house.
  2. Choose LED lights for your house. It uses less energy and will reduce the electricity bills at home. You can choose lamps with warm hues, making the house looks warmer and cozier. Yellowish color lamps are good to create a warm look inside the house, especially in your bedroom where you need to make it cozy to rest.
  3. Use good quality fabric curtains at home. It helps you make your house feels warmer and more comfortable. The plastic or any other materials used as your curtain will not make it cozy. It would look more industrial and office-look. You can also get some rugs for the house. Choose warm-tone rugs to make your rooms look cozier and warmer.
  4. If you want to make your house more comfortable, then you can add live plants to your rooms. Live plants add freshness to your room, making the house more cheerful. Besides, you can also choose some fresh-cut flowers to add colors to your room. The colorful room will make your room more attractive!
  5. Choose a good color palette for the rooms. When decorating a house, choosing a color palette will be suitable for you. It will make your room looks more well-crafted, which makes your personality shines. You will want to avoid some bright colors like neon and bold ones to make it looks warm. Some recommended colors are beige, white, and pastels.
  6. You can also choose your personalized house fragrance. Choosing the right aroma for your house will make it more comfortable. You can indulge in an aroma that is familiar to you. Make sure you choose a soft scent to make your house more comfortable and smelt neutral. Avoid using an overpowering scent in your house.
  7. Make sure to always eliminate the clutters and unused stuff. Although you don’t want to live a frugal life, you must still get rid of unused things at home. Make sure you get rid of them based on what you need. Besides making your home cleaner, you can also feel you have enough by choosing what to have wisely.

Those are some ways to make your home more comfortable. The key to a comfortable home is to make your house personalized just like how you look. You can add more personalized things like your favorite colors, books, and other things to make it more comfortable for you and your family.

Home Improvements on Budget

Do you want to make your home more than just a place to live? If you want to make it cozier and more personalized, then you can choose some things you love. however, sometimes you need to think about the budget wisely. You don’t have to splurge for decorating your house, but you can always make it more comfortable.

When decorating your house, you need to know when to splurge and when to save. Make sure to splurge on high-quality products. It is important if you want to purchase things to use in a long term. Of course, it needs to be of high quality because you will use it for years. You can also save your money to purchase something simple like accessories and other small things. You can always customize your budget to make your dream home comes true.

So, are you ready to decorate your house?