Traveling solo to a new area is both challenging and exciting. However, you have to stay alert because you are out of town or abroad without a holiday companion.

For example the risk of crime and the dangers that might lurk. Moreover, when you are not familiar with the place and it is clear that you are a foreigner. Make sure to plan your vacation carefully regarding preparation, during the holidays, until the holidays are over.

We will share safety tips during solo traveling to avoid all crimes. Before that, you need to know what you have to prepare before traveling solo.

Solo Travel Preparation

Traveling solo will certainly be a new challenge for those of you who have never traveled alone, but this will train you to become a person who does everything independently.

Then, you have to prepare various things before going solo traveling so that your vacation plans run smoothly.

1. Prepare a Travel Plan

An itinerary is important to prepare, especially if you are traveling solo. Then you will have no trouble and confusion when visiting any tourist spot.

Apart from that, the Itinerary also helps you manage spending money during the holidays so you don’t buy something on impulse.

2. Bring All Important Documents

Carrying important documents when traveling solo is mandatory. Always make sure your bag contains complete documents, such as identity cards, passports, travel transportation tickets, ATM, and other important documents that are likely to be needed.

3. Understand Accommodation and Transportation Access

After determining which places you want to visit while traveling solo, get to know the access to accommodation and transportation in those places well.

Make sure the lodging places such as the hotel you choose are safe and comfortable to use. As a reference, choose a place to stay that gets the most positive reviews from users.

After that, you also need to find out what public transportation you can use from the inn to the tourist attractions. Understand ticket prices, schedules, and travel routes that the vehicle passes. Before leaving for traveling, find out information about transportation and accommodation by looking for it on the Internet.

4. Bring Medicines

Don’t forget to provide personal medicines especially when traveling alone. Because, the one who knows the condition of your body best is yourself. Also prepare some complementary medicines, such as anti-nausea drugs, headache relievers, paracetamol, vitamins, and so on.

In addition, those of you who have certain medical conditions need to prepare special notes on your cellphone in case of an emergency situation.

5. Manage Finances as Best as Possible

In order not to run out of money while on vacation, you need to manage your expenses as best you can. You can set a budget and travel plans so you can control expenses during the holidays.

How to Protect Yourself while Solo Traveling

After the preparations for solo travel have been completed, now you just need to enjoy your vacation in a relaxed manner. However, something unwanted could happen considering you went alone.

Here are some tips you can do to protect yourself when you are in a foreign place alone while traveling.

1. Always Update Information to Family or Friends

Before going on vacation, make sure the people closest to you know that you are leaving. After that, give updated information about detailed information about your travel plans to friends, family at home or partner as a precaution against bad things that might happen.

This will be very helpful if at any time something happens in the area you are visiting. They will be able to move quickly if there are hazards and risks that occur during your vacation.

2. Don’t Tell Everybody That You’re Going Alone

It’s true that you go alone, but try your best not to tell this to everyone you talk to. You won’t know what they are thinking because you just got to know them.

It’s better if you try to look like you’re not alone or avoid people who look suspicious. Tell those who ask you that you are going out with someone, whether it’s your husband, wife, parents or friends.

Apart from that, your goal of wanting to travel alone will also fail because they might invite you to join their group. So, you can’t enjoy alone time like you desire.

3. Do not easily believe in others

There’s nothing wrong with making new friends while traveling solo, but it’s a good idea to be more selective about the people you talk to. Don’t easily trust everyone you meet.

If the person acts strangely and rambles when spoken to, walk away immediately and avoid that person.

4. Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi

Internet access at this time is needed, moreover communication and data search are more accessible via the Internet. However, avoid using public Wi-Fi as it makes it easier for thieves to hack information stored on your cellphone or laptop.

Instead of using public Wi-Fi, it’s best to use a portable router or your own Internet data plan to access the Internet. If you are traveling solo abroad, get a local SIM card which can be purchased at electronics stores or airport kiosks.

5. Choose Strategic Accommodation

Strategic accommodation helps you to easily access tourist attractions, places to eat, places for souvenirs, shopping centers, and transportation. In addition, strategic accommodation tends to be crowded with visitors, thereby minimizing the occurrence of unexpected crimes.

6. Set up Emergency Contacts

Make sure you keep emergency contacts of trusted people in case of dangerous unexpected events. For example, local police emergency contacts, tour guides, lodging, and family at home.

7. Don’t Stop When You Feel Followed

If you feel that a strange person is following you, don’t stop. Go to a crowded place or approach a group you feel you can trust for help.

Once you feel safe and the person has left, ask the person who helped you to come home immediately. Most importantly, don’t show the stalker where your hostel is while they’re being followed.

8. Beware All The Times

You should never feel careless if you are on vacation to a place that is considered safe. Because, crime and things that can happen anywhere and anytime. Solo travelers are often targeted in various regions.

So, stay alert and always take care of yourself and your belongings while traveling. Even better if you prepare a tool in the form of a spray bottle filled with spicy liquid to protect yourself.

9. Don’t Keep Money in One Place

When going anywhere, it is recommended that you save money in many places. Don’t keep all your cash in one place. This is a precautionary measure should your bag or wallet be stolen, so you still have spare cash.

You can save emergency money in unexpected places, such as socks, front pocket of your pants, behind your cellphone case, or other places that thieves can’t easily reach.

10. Carry Personal Medical Information

Even if you have brought medicine with you when you go on a trip, it is also important to bring personal medical information with you. This is a treatment measure if you suddenly get sick or injured so you have to go to the hospital.

At least, your medical record information will help local doctors find out blood type, list of medications, allergies, and other important information needed.

Benefits of Traveling Solo

There are several benefits that you can get from traveling solo, this can be a strong motivation to convince you to travel alone. These benefits include:

1. Can Understand Yourself

We must have frequently questioned our true selves, our purpose in life, our contributions to the world, and other issues up to this point.

But, while traveling solo, it means you have time to think a lot about your life. You can do anything alone as long as you are a solo traveler and go anywhere freely.

2. Increase Confidence

Being a solo traveler means that you will decide whatever you want. So that when faced with a choice or a few obstacles, you can find a way out yourself without depending on others.

3. Make New Friends

The most fun thing when traveling solo is meeting other solo travelers. If you meet one of them at a tourist spot, ask them to get acquainted. Even if possible, invite them to walk together in the venue.

Besides adding experience, you will also get new friends. It could even become close friends, and in the future maybe you can vacation together with them.

4. Learn How to Manage Finances

Going on vacation alone means that the costs you incur are only for yourself, and everything is also for the planning you made beforehand. Therefore, like it or not, you have to be able to manage your finances to save more while traveling.

5. Can Appreciate Little Things

If usually we are not disciplined during traveling, this time is different. During the holidays, we cannot rely on our housemates or group members. We thus value our time and ourselves more as a consequence.

When others still want to assist us when we are in need, even if we have never met, it touches us more..


These are tips for protecting yourself while traveling solo. Remember, crime can happen anywhere and anytime, especially to foreigners in a new place such as solo travelers. Always prepare everything before going on vacation and be careful when you are in a new place.